Climbing Mountains in Colorado

A few years ago, I was breath-taken as I stood on the island of Scrubb Island in the British Virgin Islands.  I had never seen such unique scenes that looked as though they were ripped from photoshopped magazine covers before… I always held that place in my memory as the most scenic vacation spot ever… Until I took a vacation this past week to Steamboat Springs, Colorado here in the US!  Wow!  I thought I was looking at a living puzzle the entire time I looked up at the enormous mountains.  The houses were made of logs, and the attire reminded me of that great state of Texas!  We drove up the Rocky Mountains, and we hiked up and down Fish Lake Mountain.  We rode by so many other mountains in the Colorado countryside.  Here are some of the many scenes that captivated my Nikon lens!


Colorado MountainsMore Colorado MountainsConquering the MountainsMountains at a DistanceRainstorms in the MountainsWaterfalls in the MountainsThe WaterfallScenic Mountains

College Park Photo Walk

I attended my first photo walk this past weekend in College Park, MD.  It was a joy to see how several photographers came together and walked the same route but came up with different perspectives.  I did enjoy myself in spite of the extremely cold weather (I am just not cut out for this stuff).  However, when I was said and done, I realized that while I do love capturing nature and landscapes, I prefer focusing in on people!  Regardless, here are some of my favorite shots from this Photo Walk.

Divergent AnglesThe StreamThe WoodsFall at the LakeCrisp LakeThe Son of ManFlying HighOld Bruised Red Pear in Despair

The Kids Say Thank You!!

Thanks for helping the kids get here today :: Great Falls Park Field Trip

A few weeks ago, I posted a fundraiser for my students’ field trip to Great Falls Park in McLean, VA.  I am happy to share that we made it there, fully funded, and the kids were able to see a real waterfall, as well as a deer.  For quite a few, this was the first time they had seen either.


Great Falls National Park

Hearing from God

Some people will tell you that God told them to do something.  And perhaps I too have had those moments, but more times than not, God will remind me of His word or His promises as I observe everyday happenings.  So today, I decided to put some indoor plants outside.  In the process, I noticed one of my flower pots that had been outside for almost a year now had purple flowers.  Now this was not my African Violet plant.  No, this plant was in a pot that last summer I had sowed some wildflowers seeds into and in spite of my best efforts, I did not see any flowers or proof that I had planted those seeds.  In fact, the majority of the time that passed after I planted the seeds until now, I only saw soil.  This was probably the result of my moving to a new apartment that receives less sunlight than where I lived before… or my sometimes forgetting to water the plants… or the fact that I kept the plants outside even in the winter… Maybe I planted the seeds too deep, or I used bad soil.  Perhaps those plants grow better in Texas than in Maryland – I don’t know.

What I do know is that now my wildflowers are starting to bloom!  Thank You Lord!!! Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, my plants are growing and living!  In viewing these plants, God reminded me of the Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3:6 “Paul plants, Apollos waters, but it’s God that gets the increase.”  In other words, we can each contribute to God’s kingdom, but ultimately it is God that brings any success to it!  Then I was reminded that in spite of our less-than-ideal situations and circumstances… in spite of everyone else that dropped the ball AND all of the times that we dropped the ball ourselves, God will still bring IT (whatever the “it” is) to pass.  You see with my plants, they did what they were created to do.  They started as seeds, were planted, watered, given sunlight, and they grew and blossomed… It was not in my desired timetable, but then again what ever really is?

Be encouraged my friend.  Continue to wait and don’t lose your hope or your expectation, and in DUE season, it shall come to pass!

Purple Wildflowers


Since I was outside, I also snapped a shot of the African Violet… and I must say, “It’s looking pretty healthy!”  Thank You Lord!

African Violet


Welcome to New York!

The first time I went to New York City was back in 2003 with my college roommate, and she can attest that the Big Apple was not my cup of tea!  I actually felt like I was in another country, even though at the time I had never been out of this country.  Needless to say, these eight years later, I have more of an appreciation for the city.  So when a friend of mine was recently in town, we planned a trip to this city that never sleeps, and she too felt like a foreigner her first night there.  We stayed in the Manhattan area for our entire stay, and we ventured to Central Park, Times Square, this mall somewhere near the Trump Towers.  Anyway, one of the highlights for me was when we saw these models doing a photo shoot in the middle of Central Park.  Sadly, I was one of those nosy bystanders that stopped to watch all of the action!  See photos from my trip below.


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