Thanksgiving Dinner Project

At school, our¬†Thanksgiving Dinner Project (LES Feed25K) is going well! This project aims to feed 25,000 people (in theory) with fundraising event planning, advertisement design, a donation letter, a memoir from an attendee, and ALL the computations to duplicate recipes to feed that many! Social Studies, ELA, and Math integration! We’ve been using PDF, XLSX, DOC, PPT, and websites, and I STILL have my hair on my head ūüėČ

The next time I do this with my students, I will start earlier, but it has been a joy to see the collaboration and hard work! (We need like 2 weeks for this project)

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Field Trip to Mount Vernon

Today, my class and I went on  a field trip to Mount Vernon.  Interestingly enough, last year when we studied the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, I had wanted to take a trip to Mount Vernon, but that was not a reality for us.  This year, we were able to go there for free, and I have many of my same students from last year.  Anyway, here are are some of the images that I captured today, mostly with my fisheye lens.

THe view from hereThe HouseAnother view from hereThe landscapingAnother viewThe workGrinding WheatThe actor

Introducing Dr. Brown

Back when I was pursuing my Masters in Education, I met a beautiful pregnant woman working on her Doctorate degree at Howard University.  Well, I captured images of her pregnancy back in 2010, and then her family portraits a couple of times afterwards.  I was delighted and honored when she contacted me about a graduation session, which we did yesterday afternoon at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC.  See select images from this session below.

Congratulations Dr. Brown!


Dr. BrownDoctoral Candidate...More of Dr. BrownCongratulations Dr. Brown!

The Kids Say Thank You!!

Thanks for helping the kids get here today :: Great Falls Park Field Trip

A few weeks ago, I posted a fundraiser for my students’ field trip to Great Falls Park in McLean, VA. ¬†I am happy to share that we made it there, fully funded, and the kids were able to see a real waterfall, as well as a deer. ¬†For quite a few, this was the first time they had seen either.


Great Falls National Park