Thanksgiving Dinner Project

At school, our Thanksgiving Dinner Project (LES Feed25K) is going well! This project aims to feed 25,000 people (in theory) with fundraising event planning, advertisement design, a donation letter, a memoir from an attendee, and ALL the computations to duplicate recipes to feed that many! Social Studies, ELA, and Math integration! We’ve been using PDF, XLSX, DOC, PPT, and websites, and I STILL have my hair on my head 😉

The next time I do this with my students, I will start earlier, but it has been a joy to see the collaboration and hard work! (We need like 2 weeks for this project)

kahoot-remix-110 kahoot-remix-114 kahoot-remix-116 kahoot-remix-117 kahoot-remix-119 kahoot-remix-120

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