My Bro-hem is Officially Married!

As much as I love photographing weddings, I had no desire to photograph my brother’s!  I wanted to be a guest and do those things that guests do, like take your time eating the dinner, dance the night away, sing out loud to my favorite tracks, and wear a cute dress with some bad heels!  I did just that a few weeks ago at my brother’s wedding.  So as a twist to the norm, I am actually in some of the images below, and hey I did not capture everything.  In fact, I did not even capture much!  But for those few moments I pulled that Nikon strap over my head, here is what I captured or asked someone else to capture (for the two images I am in).

Oberod EstateDarrenFamilyMore FamilyPayne FamilyAdditions to FamilyMe and TMe as a Wedding Guest - Being SIllyDarren and IJanoraFirst DancePayne's showing the Homer's how it's doneOne of the BridesmaidsThe Best Man Speech

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