Looking back…

I was talking to my mom about an event 2 years ago, and that motivated to glance back at pictures from then.  In the process, I stumbled across family pictures that I had not yet processed.  As I looked at them, I just marveled in thinking about how much these children have grown in just 2 years.  Here are pictures from my cousins, who I now get to watch grow on a weekly basis 🙂

Location:  National Harbor, Washington, DC Area
Date:  May 2013


payne2013wm-101 payne2013wm-102 payne2013wm-103payne2013wm-104

Taking Portraits with Friends

A few years ago, I went to Niagara Falls for the first time with my friend Le’Toya.  I posted some of the scenic pictures around that time.  Anyway, while there, I had my camera, so Le’Toya and I decided to make the most of the beautiful scenery and take a few portraits.  If you know Le’Toya and me, you would know that there were plenty of silly pictures in there.  But, we did also manage to squeeze in some classics!  I must say, I think we did pretty good on the fly that HOT summer day!  See some of my favorite images below.


niagara-share-106 niagara-share-108 niagara-share-109 niagara-share-110 niagara-share-112 niagara-share-113 niagara-share-114 niagara-share-115 niagara-share-116 niagara-share-119 niagara-share-121 niagara-share-123 niagara-share-124 niagara-share-126 niagara-share-127 niagara-share-128 niagara-share-129

Family Moments I Forgot I Had!

Back in January, I participated in the Martin Luther King March with my cousins and their children.  It was such a beautiful event on an even beautifuler day! This was definitely a change of pace for me after living on the East Coast for 10+ years and being used to super cold Januaries!  Anyway, after the march, we took full advantage of the day and snapped some photos.  Here are some of my faves.

FamilyMLKDay-small-6 FamilyMLKDay-small-upper-1 FamilyMLKDay-small-upper-2 FamilyMLKDay-small-upper-3 FamilyMLKDay-small-upper-4 FamilyMLKDay-small-upper-5 FamilyMLKDay-small-upper-8

Dr, Teacher, Author, Biblical Scholar :: Portraits

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Dr. Dennery, who is a teacher, author, and biblical scholar.  Our paths first crossed years ago at church, where she not only led Bible study, but she also led the sign language ministry.  Before meeting her, I had never seen someone passionately do sign language interpretation as she did.  She is beautiful inside and out, and it was my pleasure to capture her in this portrait session.      Below are select images from this session.

Dr. Dennery in red Dr. Dennery in turquoise Dr. Dennery in black and white Dr. Dennery in casual dress