JOURNEY TO MY ROOTS :: The Educational Stops

While in South Africa last summer, I was enlightened at the Apartheid Museum, especially when I considered the parallels to life here in the US.  Even more exciting was the fact that South Africa came out of apartheid and still continues to keep dialogue going about race relations and how to make things better.   We also ventured to President Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto.  While in South Africa, you cannot help but notice the beauty all around you.


SATrip7SATrip3 SATrip6SATrip4 SATrip5


Being in Africa was amazing to say the least.  I must admit, I had never seen many of these animals in their natural habitat or with freedom to roam.  In the United States, we see non-domesticated animals in the zoo… almost exclusively.  It was such a joy to see these animals on our safari the way that God originally made them.  Some animals, like the rhinoceros, were so difficult to see because of their ability to blend in.  I am absolutely in awe of God’s creation!  See some of the animals I saw below.

Africa-Madikwe-small-104 Africa-Madikwe-small-107 Africa-Madikwe-small-111 Africa-Madikwe-small-114 Africa-Madikwe-small-116 Africa-Madikwe-small-123 Africa-Madikwe-small-127 Africa-Madikwe-small-128 Africa-Madikwe-small-129 Africa-Madikwe-small-131 Africa-Madikwe-small-132 Africa-Madikwe-small-133 Africa-Madikwe-small-137 Africa-Madikwe-small-143 Africa-Madikwe-small-144 Africa-Madikwe-small-145 Africa-Madikwe-small-146 Africa-Madikwe-small-147 Africa-Madikwe-small-149 Africa-Madikwe-small-150 Africa-Madikwe-small-151 Africa-Madikwe-small-152 Africa-Madikwe-small-153 Africa-Madikwe-small-154 Africa-Madikwe-small-155 Africa-Madikwe-small-156 Africa-Madikwe-small-157 Africa-Madikwe-small-158 Africa-Madikwe-small-159 Africa-Madikwe-small-183 Africa-Madikwe-small-184 Africa-Madikwe-small-185 Africa-Madikwe-small-194 Africa-Madikwe-small-200 Africa-Madikwe-small-201 Africa-Madikwe-small-202 Africa-Madikwe-small-203 Africa-Madikwe-small-204 Africa-Madikwe-small-205 Africa-Madikwe-small-206 Africa-Madikwe-small-207 Africa-Madikwe-small-208 Africa-Madikwe-small-209 Africa-Madikwe-small-210 Africa-Madikwe-small-246 Africa-Madikwe-small-247 Africa-Madikwe-small-248

On the safari!


Journey to my Roots… The Motherland… Africa :: Scenery Pre-Preview

2 weeks ago, I returned home from an eye-opening, beautiful, unlike any other trip to South Africa!  The food was amazing… the fellowship was outstanding… The people there were so warm, hospitable, and helpful… and then I came home to the realities of individualism.  I loved my journey, and my trusty NIKON was there to capture every moment.  Here are pre-preview images from the scenery of this beautiful land (9 of the the over 2,000 images captured).

Africa-preview-101 Africa-preview-103 Africa-preview-104 Africa-preview-105 Africa-preview-106 Africa-preview-107 Africa-preview-108 Africa-preview-110 Africa-preview-111

Field Trip to Mount Vernon

Today, my class and I went on  a field trip to Mount Vernon.  Interestingly enough, last year when we studied the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, I had wanted to take a trip to Mount Vernon, but that was not a reality for us.  This year, we were able to go there for free, and I have many of my same students from last year.  Anyway, here are are some of the images that I captured today, mostly with my fisheye lens.

THe view from hereThe HouseAnother view from hereThe landscapingAnother viewThe workGrinding WheatThe actor