Rappin’ for the King

My cousin decided to enter a rapping contest, so he asked me to film a video for this contest.  Of course, I was thrilled at the opportunity to try something new.  Now, he did the real edits with bringing the scenes together.  I simply video taped and then applied filters in Lightroom.  It came out pretty nicely though!

Here is a link to the video of “Jon Paynehttp://www.repdakingmag.com/index.php/syh16/225-beat-4-jon-payne

Jon Payne's Video

Michael White and True Praise

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph Michael White and True Praise in a portrait session.  As much as I love jazz and R&B music, there is a power in Gospel that is unparalleled… I guess that’s anointing.  Nonetheless, while photographing this group, there was a time when I asked them to sing, and man, I was doing my best to keep the camera clicking because truly, I wanted to join them in singing praises to Our KING!  See select images from this session below.

Michael WhiteLooking UpIndividual Portraits - Michael White and True PraiseSingers in Yellow and TanWorshipSingers in ColorY'all better sang!!!!

Leah Smith :: In Concert

I don’t know if it started with my parents always playing Earth Wind and Fire albums, or the fact that my mom was in the choir, and I followed in her footsteps… Maybe it was because I wanted to be a singerstar, like Whitney Houston.  Whatever the case, I LOVE great music, great lyrics, great vocals, and great composition!  There are a few independent artists that I absolutely love, and this young lady is definitely doing her thing!  This was the first time that I was actually able to see Leah Smith in concert live, but she definitely was consistent at showing off her fluid vocal talent!  I cannot wait to start hearing her music on the radio because she actually sings about life.  You know how a lot of the mainstream stuff out there is either about “I’m in love” or “I am heart-broken” as if there is nothing more to life than the ups and downs of relationships?  Well, this young lady sings about other aspects of life, like JOY – you know the kind that the world didn’t give and the world can’t take away!  Then she sings about the need to grow up and then moving forward.  Y’all, support this talented artist!  Her EP is available on iTunes, and you won’t be disappointed!  It is so refreshing to see that there are still artists out there with content and standards and true talent!  I have included pictures below I took from her concert yesterday in Silver Springs, MD.


Leah SmithSinging her heart outFacial Expressions of Leah SmithA One Woman BandMe and Leah