Historical Perspectives…

If you went to Oglethorpe University, you will recognize this project title from the Junior Year Core Classes.  For whatever reason back then, I did not have an appreciation for the historical perspectives that were shared with the exception of one of the books we read (I did like the other Core classes though).  At the time, we read ancient texts, like Aeschylus’ Oresteia, which wasn’t entirely bad, it just wasn’t something that I was going to pick up on my own.  Perhaps that is one of the goals of higher education – to expose people to other perspectives, other literature, and other cultures.

Well being in the Nation’s Capital, I am constantly reminded of our early beginnings as a country.   This happens when I’m downtown and I see the Washington Monument standing high and proud in the sky or when a newly formed political party decides to have a “Restoring Honor” rally at a historic site…  Regardless, I have made several trips to really see the DC area landmarks during the past year, and its exciting because almost everywhere you go, you will be a part of the masses from US citizens to people from Asian countries to the citizens African, European, and other Eastern nations.  You will hear different languages spoken.  You will see an abundance of cameras (I think you’ll see more Nikons than Canons, and I am not biased).  You will attempt to catch a clear view of one of the monuments, and then people will walk right in front of you and your camera, so much so that you will then decide to make the people the subjects of your images, and just let the monuments be the backdrops.  Perhaps that was just my approach, but I think I have painted you a vivid enough picture.  Now allow me to show you what my Nikon and I captured in Downtown DC!

Images below are from the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflection Pool, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the National Mall, the Potomac River, the World War II Memorial, and all of the places in between!

The Washington Monument through the crowd

The Washington Monument through the crowd 2

Checking out Lincoln

The Columns

The Sign

Disrespecting the WWII Memorial

DC Recycles

DC Recycles Too

But sometimes, DC doesn't recycle

Flying a Kite

Flying a Kite with Daddy

Running up the steps

Taking Long Strides

Taking it all in

The Writings on the Wall

The Pillar

Walking Away


A Glimmer of Hope