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While in South Africa last summer, I was enlightened at the Apartheid Museum, especially when I considered the parallels to life here in the US.  Even more exciting was the fact that South Africa came out of apartheid and still continues to keep dialogue going about race relations and how to make things better.   We also ventured to President Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto.  While in South Africa, you cannot help but notice the beauty all around you.


SATrip7SATrip3 SATrip6SATrip4 SATrip5

College Park Photo Walk

I attended my first photo walk this past weekend in College Park, MD.  It was a joy to see how several photographers came together and walked the same route but came up with different perspectives.  I did enjoy myself in spite of the extremely cold weather (I am just not cut out for this stuff).  However, when I was said and done, I realized that while I do love capturing nature and landscapes, I prefer focusing in on people!  Regardless, here are some of my favorite shots from this Photo Walk.

Divergent AnglesThe StreamThe WoodsFall at the LakeCrisp LakeThe Son of ManFlying HighOld Bruised Red Pear in Despair

Revisiting the Cathedral… and Celebrating Another Year!

I had the opportunity last month to revisit the National Cathedral for a portrait session of a young lady celebrating a milestone birthday.  This was the first time I’d been back since the earthquake last year, and I actually forgot that they had sustained some damage during that quake.   I was astonished at how much damage there was at the cathedral with all of the scaffolding that I was trying to dodge with my lens.  As the young lady had make-up applied, I took the opportunity to look around the interiors of the cathedral… WOW!!!!! I was speechless!  Just like when I visited the Holocaust Memorial, I was thinking about all of the money that was needed to make this Cathedral a reality.  There were so many details and such high beautiful ceilings.

I have included some photos of the inside of the cathedral as well as some of my favorites from this portrait session.  She was definitely a trooper because while we were out there, it started to rain, and she was out there braving the elements!  All in all, I love the end product, and I was so excited that I was able to get some  structural shots without the scaffolding and other signs of construction and repair!

By the way, if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

The DetailsAn altarThe CandlesJas1Fashion ShotsI Look to YouClose UpDancing in the Rain

Spending Memorial Day with Family

Last week, I spent Memorial Day with my brother and cousin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  While there, we saw some of the famous landmarks like the Love Park, the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, and Reading Terminal.  That Monday was a bona fide hot day – if you know me, you know it takes a lot for me to call a day hot.  Anyway, it was so hot that we ended with ice cream, and I agreed to use the A/C in my car (again, if you know me, you’ll know I am a little cheap, and air conditioning is a last resort for me).  See images from our Philly expedition below!


The Love Park
Me and Diamond
The Best State - Texas
Wheelin and Dealin with the Founding Farmers
The Great View
Cool D
More of Diamond
More of Darren


Photographs at a Catholic Cathedral

A few weeks ago, my brother and I went to a DC Catholic Cathedral to shoot around.  I was partially interested in the venture because I wanted to see what he could do with the camera, so that I could possibly hire him on to be a second shooter for me at weddings and events and portrait sessions.  Well, it was clear to me, that we definitely have different photographic interests: I prefer people, he prefers scenes!  Nonetheless, we were able to capture some nice images with and without people.  Here are some of the images from this session.  The images of me are compliments of my brother, Darren Payne (thanks bro)!


CathedralDarren ShootingMy Nice SkyPurple FLowers

Darren L.Victoria J.