JOURNEY TO MY ROOTS… THE MOTHERLAND… AFRICA :: FRIENDS :: How many of us have them… FRIENDS :: Before we go any further!

Two months ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Africa.  This was one of those trips that I always knew I wanted to make, but the timing just hadn’t been right.  Well, at some point in 2015, we all decided to make the leap of faith and plan this trip.  I am so absolutely blessed and fortunate to have 2 of the most amazing FRIENDS there are out there!  I mean, I don’t know too many people that I can just say, “Hey, I wanna go to Africa.  Are you in?” and they will respond with, “Just tell me when to book my flight!”  But not only are they down for the ride, but they are also the LIFE of the PARTY!!!!!  Let me tell, there is never a dull moment with these ladies… especially when they are together.  While there were many times when I was the subject of the joke, these ladies were able to take it just as well as they “dished it.”  We laughed so much on this trip that it was really hard to leave it and return back to our normal lives…. but a cell phone bill and a trip to the grocery store will help snap you back to reality! I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from my trip to Africa with these ladies… There were other moments as well, but I didn’t have approval to post everything 😉

As I reflect on the years of friendship I have with the 2 ladies – Tamerra and Le’Toya – my heart is filled with joy.  They have been there through the thick and thin… We have maintained contact even while spending more years living in separate cities than times in the same cities…. We talk several times a week despite our busy schedules… These friends are the ones who stay in touch with me and keep me in check.  Le’Toya constantly reminds me to keep God first, and Tamerra continues to bring the my remembrance the need to have compassion.  They both pray for me and encourage me when my days seem darker.  These ladies never let me take myself too seriously, and they “give me permission” to take it easy (and stop working… whether I am putting the camera or the red pen down).   These ladies will sit 4 deep in the backseat of a really tiny car with me, even though they may not have their entire bum on the seat just to make it to church on Sunday.  We all think alike, like the time we all ordered empenadas and potatoes, while the other 6 people in our party ordered steaks.  They will capture every moment in selfies… as well as indulge me as I pull out a “real camera” and take 1000 plus photos.  They also take the camera from me to make sure that I am in some of my memories 🙂  They can be serious when needed, and they will celebrate every single victory and milestone with you!  I love these girls, my friends… these chicas!  I am so thankful God saw fit to send them into my life to stay for the long haul!  Here’s too friendship!  Here is to the journey!  Here is to Tamerra and Le’Toya!


These are scenes from the safari in Madikwe, South Africa, as well as travels around Johannesburg and Soweto.  Some of the highlights were traveling to the Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela’s house, and the Monte Casino.   There was a lot of food eaten, but I chose to focus these images on friendship!


Friends-Africa-104 Friends-Africa-105 Friends-Africa-106 Friends-Africa-107 Friends-Africa-108 Friends-Africa-109 Friends-Africa-110 Friends-Africa-111 Friends-Africa-112 Friends-Africa-120 Friends-Africa-121 Friends-Africa-122 Friends-Africa-123 Friends-Africa-124 Friends-Africa-125 Friends-Africa-126 Friends-Africa-127 Friends-Africa-128 Friends-Africa-129 Friends-Africa-130 Friends-Africa-131 Friends-Africa-132 Friends-Africa-133 Friends-Africa-134 Friends-Africa-135 Friends-Africa-136 Friends-Africa-137 Friends-Africa-138 Friends-Africa-139 Friends-Africa-140 Friends-Africa-142 Friends-Africa-150 Friends-Africa-151

Taking Portraits with Friends

A few years ago, I went to Niagara Falls for the first time with my friend Le’Toya.  I posted some of the scenic pictures around that time.  Anyway, while there, I had my camera, so Le’Toya and I decided to make the most of the beautiful scenery and take a few portraits.  If you know Le’Toya and me, you would know that there were plenty of silly pictures in there.  But, we did also manage to squeeze in some classics!  I must say, I think we did pretty good on the fly that HOT summer day!  See some of my favorite images below.


niagara-share-106 niagara-share-108 niagara-share-109 niagara-share-110 niagara-share-112 niagara-share-113 niagara-share-114 niagara-share-115 niagara-share-116 niagara-share-119 niagara-share-121 niagara-share-123 niagara-share-124 niagara-share-126 niagara-share-127 niagara-share-128 niagara-share-129

Spending time in the GREAT STATE!

The longer I live away from it, the more I grow fonder of that GREAT STATE of TEXAS!  I have all of this pride because everything is better in TEXAS!!!  The food, the parking, the housing, the weather, the people, the schools, the teams – everything is better in Texas!  For my Spring Break this year, I ventured back to my hometown of SA, TX and spent time with family and friends.  Here are some of the my favorite images from this trip.

THe Kids Posing the kids Letty The Kids 3 Tearing up the turkey leg Meme and the Kids Vivian Hooking Victoria up Maya and I Lili and I Baby Hannah 2 Chanze, Hannah, and I Mrs. Daisy and I Old Friends and Family Old Friends Opening the Pinata The Taft Girls The Lampkins Baby Hannah The Kids 2 Victoria squared Noah and I Jon and Letty +5 The Payne Family Having Fun The Whole Crew The Whole Crew Uncomfortable The Whole Crew Victoria +5 The Kids and I

Ringing in the New Year in the ATL

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Atlanta with my friend and see how the city has changed and catch up with old friends.  We went to the revamped Coca Cola center, took a CNN tour, and visited the High Museum of Art.  We also went to my old stomping grounds – Oglethorpe University – and saw the new and improved student center.  Here are select images from this trip.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Gift givingCNN Center MomentsIt hit me thereTamerra Tyler MooreWorld of Coca ColaThe first Coca Cola ad with black peopleJerry Pinkney Exhibit Jerry Pinkney's ArtworkJerry Pinkney's Artwork - Noah's ArkTamerra for the New YearsMe for the New Year'sClose up and personal Macy's Sweater AdLadies at OglethorpVJ in the New Student CenterStroking the keysHanging out with college buddiesDar'shun and Christina

Doesn’t Time Fly?!

I snapped a quick photo yesterday of a woman and her daughters.  As I looked a the photo, I remembered when I first met her over three years ago before her youngest daughter was married and when she was still taller than her oldest daughter.  It is just amazing how quickly time flies.  When I met her, I did not even have this blog!  But looking at the photo, I am just so excited to see how beautiful the girls are growing up to be and how much brighter her smile is from before.  It reminds me of how enough times we see things getting better with time – Thank You Lord!


Tanya and the Girls