Little Ballerinas

This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch my nieces at their ballet classes.  What a real treat that was!  As I watched their tiny bodies flutter and glide in various ballet positions, I was motivated to go back to my ballet workout video… I was motivated, but I cannot say that I turned that motivation into action!  Still, it was really inspiring to watch a 3 and 5 year old concentrate on these movements and achieve them!  Here are a few images from my recent visit!

fall2015-ballet-103 fall2015-ballet-105 fall2015-ballet-109 fall2015-ballet-110 fall2015-ballet-112 fall2015-ballet-116 fall2015-ballet-117 fall2015-ballet-119 fall2015-ballet-125 fall2015-ballet-128

Never too old to dance!

Over the years, my biggest fan has always been my mom!  Even when my work was subpar, she was still there cheering me on, buying multiple copies of my work, etc.  Now, I have the pleasure of being her cheerleading squad!!!!  This past weekend, I saw my momperform in her second dance recital.  WoW!!!!  I was absolutely astonished that she was not only in twice as many routines as last year, but that she did some rolls on the ground and got her leg up… She was doing some of the same moves that the teens and twentysomethings were doing!  In my amazement, I am reminded that often times, we put ages on activities, and we limit people’s abilities.  However, where there is a will, there is a way!  If you put your mind to doing it, you can achieve it… just know that there may be some sweat that goes along with the success.  Well, my mother showed out in her recital last weekend, and I was so very proud of her!  As a matter of fact, our entire family was so very proud of mom!!!!!  Here is a quick snapshot for this past weekend.

Dance Recital


Proud Daughter

This past weekend, I was in Delaware at the request of my mother.  You see, for the past year or so, she has been dancing with a Wilmington dancing school, and now was the time for her recital.  Well I went, and I was so very impressed with how my mother gracefully moved across the stage.  My mom was dancing with the best of ’em at the recital. She was in 3 of the dances, and she even had some cameo moments (not the “Word Up” Cameo, but some spotlight moments). On top of that, she looked flawless! It looks like getting better with time is in the genes!!!!

By the way, they only let you take one photo without flash photography during the performance, so this was as good as it was going to get on Saturday… she is the one in yellow right in the center. Go Mom! Go Mom!