A Lawyer in Our Midst!

My brother’s law school journey ended this month!  I was so delighted to travel to Delaware to attend the graduation on such a beautiful Saturday afternoon!  These were minimally edited in Lightroom, instead of PhotoShop like I normally do.  I just wanted to be able share with family!

DLPayne-GradSMALL-108 DLPayne-GradSMALL-114 DLPayne-GradSMALL-116 DLPayne-GradSMALL-121 DLPayne-GradSMALL-124 DLPayne-GradSMALL-128 DLPayne-GradSMALL-132 DLPayne-GradSMALL-136 DLPayne-GradSMALL-140 DLPayne-GradSMALL-142 DLPayne-GradSMALL-144 DLPayne-GradSMALL-145 DLPayne-GradSMALL-150 DLPayne-GradSMALL-154 DLPayne-GradSMALL-157 DLPayne-GradSMALL-160 DLPayne-GradSMALL-163 DLPayne-GradSMALL-164 DLPayne-GradSMALL-172 DLPayne-GradSMALL-174 DLPayne-GradSMALL-175 DLPayne-GradSMALL-179Darren's a Lawyer

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