… They encamp all around me!

On Friday morning, I was headed out of the house with my favorite new tea mug, which was given to me at Christmas time, and despite looking at the weather online, I did not see the layer of ice that covered the steps. Needless to say, I fell down the first set up steps (about 6 or 7) just as quickly as I went to take my first step down.  The next moment I looked up, and was in the middle of these steps laying on the ground.  Thankfully the only real casualty was my favorite new tea mug… But the entire encounter reminded me of how blessed we are (I was). There are so many moments that could have gone a LOT worst, but God sends His angels to protect us! Thank You Lord!!!!  As I reflected on this fall over the weekend, I remembered how I had 2 car accidents in 2011 and walked away from both without bodily injury – my cars were another story, but they were easily replaceable!  Don’t take for granted the fact that God keeps us from dangers seen and UNSEEN!

My favorite tea mug is now broken

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