Rest in Peace (R.I.P.)

Today marks the end of another long term relationship in my life… Today, I put to rest the first USB disk that I ever used.  I remember that Christmas Day in 2003, when my dad gave me this small purple odd looking thing.  I had no idea what it was or what it was used for, but he showed me that day how I could actually save documents on this disk.  This was so different for me as I had spent so many years using the 3 1/2 disks to save documents… Do you remember those and how sensitive they were?  He gave me this new drive, this new freedom, this new space saver!  And today, after almost 9 years of life, my purple USB disk died.  Just like that!  There was no warning… I just looked and noticed that the green light no longer came on and the computer no longer responded to the disk’s insertion.

I am just thankful for 9 years of file storage!  Let’s take a moment of silence for my drive 😉

My Dead USB


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