Revisiting the Cathedral… and Celebrating Another Year!

I had the opportunity last month to revisit the National Cathedral for a portrait session of a young lady celebrating a milestone birthday.  This was the first time I’d been back since the earthquake last year, and I actually forgot that they had sustained some damage during that quake.   I was astonished at how much damage there was at the cathedral with all of the scaffolding that I was trying to dodge with my lens.  As the young lady had make-up applied, I took the opportunity to look around the interiors of the cathedral… WOW!!!!! I was speechless!  Just like when I visited the Holocaust Memorial, I was thinking about all of the money that was needed to make this Cathedral a reality.  There were so many details and such high beautiful ceilings.

I have included some photos of the inside of the cathedral as well as some of my favorites from this portrait session.  She was definitely a trooper because while we were out there, it started to rain, and she was out there braving the elements!  All in all, I love the end product, and I was so excited that I was able to get some  structural shots without the scaffolding and other signs of construction and repair!

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