I Can Never Get Enough!!!

I have been living on the East Coast now for the past 12 years, and the more I am up here, the more I crave the tastes of my Texas roots!  Growing up, bean and cheese tacos were a regular meal!  A healthier option was a taco salad, but I don’t know if I ever went two weeks without Mexican, specifically Tex-Mex.  In looking at the past two weeks, I have had quite a bit of Mexican and a day of Latin food, but I still am not tired of it!  Is there something wrong with me?  (Of course not!)  Anyway, this evening, I had to set the record straight on what chicken fajitas should taste and look like (this week I had some orange looking fajita meat that tasted a little different).  See images below.

Also, I must put a disclaimer.  My friend says that fajitas are NOT tacos, although I feel they are in the same family since they both use a flour tortilla!  I personally feel that fajitas are a specific form of tacos… she does not agree.  So, I made my fajita taco a little healthy with the whole wheat tortilla, mixed greens, and tomatoes.  However, I was not true-to-form on the fajitas by adding all of these other healthy things…  Still I consider them in the spirit of a  fajita and definitely an ode to my Texas roots!